The facts of vaping

What is popcorn lung?

If you research vaping, popcorn lung might pop up. It’s to do with the chemical that has a buttery flavour and was initially found in some vaping e-liquids.

Diacetyl and popcorn lung

Diacetyl is a chemical that makes a buttery flavour. The chemical, in cases of high exposure, has been associated with a rare disease called bronchiolitis obliterans.

The name ‘popcorn lung’ came from cases of the disease found in popcorn factory workers, who had high levels of exposure to diacetyl, which was used to flavour popcorn.

Diacetyl and vaping

Diacetyl used to be in vape e-liquid but is now banned in the UK and is not used by reputable manufacturers in New Zealand.

New Zealand however does not have e-liquid safety standards, so it is best to check the label and avoid it.

There have not been any cases of popcorn lung from vaping.

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